ANSWER THESE 3 QUESTIONS TO FIND OUT Is engineering work and professional engineering work the same? Not all engineering work is considered to be professional engineering. Professional engineering work is defined by and regulated by an Ontario statute called the Professional Engineers Act. Only the act of professional engineering is restricted to those persons who hold a license to practise in Ontario. Take this quick test to determine if the work you are doing is professional engineering.


Does the work you do involve planning, designing, composing, evaluating, advising, reporting, directing or supervising, or the managing of any such acts?


Does the work you do require the application of engineering principles?


Does the work you do concern the safeguarding of life, health, property, economic interests, the public welfare, or the environment?



If you answered yes to all three of these questions, then you are doing professional engineering work and may require a licence to legally work in Ontario and use the job title, “engineer”. When do I not need a licence to do professional engineering work? There are a few exceptions when a licence is not required to perform professional engineering work. Exceptions to the requirement to be licensed is set out in Section 12 of the PE Act. If you can answer yes to any of the following, you do not need to hold a licence to do your work.
  1. Is it an act where a professional engineer is directly supervising my engineering work and assuming responsibility for the work?
  2. Is it an act that involves designing or providing tools and dies?
  3. Is it certain acts related to buildings of less than 600 square metres in gross area and three storeys or fewer in height (see the Professional Engineers Act, s. 12(4)-(5) for details)?

If I’m not exempt, what type of licence do I need?
There are 4 types of engineering licenses in Ontario: a full licence, a limited licence, a temporary licence and a provisional licence. Please read through the requirements and authority of each licence type to determine which one you may qualify for and would be appropriate for your work situation.

What can I call myself if I have an engineering degree and work with engineers but I do not have a licence?
Only those individuals that hold a P.Eng. licence can use the words “professional engineer” or “engineer” in their job title and the letters “P.Eng.” after their name. Click here for more information on acceptable job titles if you do not hold a licence.
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